Fear is our worst enemy in our current situation

In the difficult times we’re currently living, there is an enemy which is worse than the virus: Fear.

Fear is very contagious and media is an element of fear contagion.


Why is fear dangerous?

The more fearful we are, the less we can think clearly: we lose our ability to take distance and we are on reaction mode.

Fear has a serious impact on our health and our ability to protect against invasion. The result of fear is inhibition of our immune system. All the energy is dedicated to the fight or flight mode which means that there is not enough energy for the immune system. At the same time, cell replacement is put on hold too. According to Dr Lipton in his book 'The Biology of Beliefs', even DNA contracts when in fear. The inner chemical response to fear is very efficient when escaping a predator in the moment, by bringing all the energy to the muscles, but very damaging for an ongoing situation such as the one we’re living in right now.

Realising that we are scared is the first step to change it. Sometimes, we are so accustomed to live in fear that we don’t even know it. Take the time to listen to your inner system and feel what you feel. Are you scared and how do you know it?

Two basic emotions are possible as a Human being. Fear or Love. Fear is a self-preservation mechanism. When you are feeling Love, your heart is open, your field of energy is strong and you’re connected to a lighter set of frequencies. It means that you naturally connect to the same kind of energy, that you’re attracted to and you attract the same kind of energy. John Demartini said: “Energy flows where attention goes” and it is the case with this situation. It is not about ignoring the situation but about being aware and conscious of our own state of mind which determines our biological response. You don’t need to be scared to be responsible. You can act responsibly and still keep calm.

What do you need to stay calm?

Use your breathing to connect with the present moment. Sit quietly and go inside by paying attention to your breath, without trying to change it. Just be a loving observer. Follow the inhale and the exhale and taste the miracle of being alive, moment after moment. Allow the natural process to take place with your loving consent. When thoughts pop into your mind, allow it to pass by returning to your breathing, time after time. Be patient with yourself and just do it.

Look outside, look at the sky, at the trees, at the birds and see that the world is fine.

I like the idea that the world is exactly the way it should be, right now. Everything is perfect because if it’s not, it would be different. It allows the spread of harmonic vibes rather than antagonistic ones. Let go and surrender to whatever is here right now. Try to be water rather than fire: be the non-resistant element. Don’t create inflammation, literally, and promote an alkaline body rather than an acidic one.

Love is a powerful antioxidant.





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London, SE20
Written by Denis Gorce-Bourge, MANLP - RMT, Business, Career & Life Coach, Author & Speaker
London, SE20

Denis is a spiritual and life coach, a speaker and author. He spends most of his time helping people to reconnect with their inner power.

With three decades of experience of various types of meditation and a life long path of personal development, he uses many techniques such as Reiki, EFT, NLP, hypnosis, Psych-K, TA, visualisation and more.

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