Falling out of love with your job?

It is easy to get ground down after a few difficult weeks at work. We can dwell on the downside, the bits we dislike, the colleagues who wind us up. Sometimes every single thing seems like another nail in our career coffin, every new project is a battle or a slog. We feel overwhelmed and our minds feel like a swirling pit of mist and fog.  

The answer is rarely to sit by and hope. We need to do something to jump start our way out of the siutation. Sometimes the answer is to change job - but not always.

There are a few things you can try:

  • Ask yourself, "What do I like? What makes me smile? What am I good at and try to do more of that! I realised that I love walking and listening to music". My fast way to de-stress is a walk with some of my favourite music!
  • Start keeping a note of your daily successes. Try to get to at least three - not matter how small!
  • Talk to your manager about redesigning your role. Can you discuss with them and make the most of your skills, losing any of the parts that are weighing you down? 
  • Spend more time with people you want to be with, rather than those who drain you. Somehow it seems like human nature to focus on the people who are negative, challenge your ideas and grumble - does that sound familiar? One of my favourite lessons was when I realised that I didn't have to focus on them - and that there were another 10 people in the room who agreed with where we were heading.  
  • Get a business coach to support you as you plan your way forward. A coach can help with a reality check, help you be objective, reconnect with your strengths and manage your stress.

Find a coach today and start making those changes!

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All coaches are verified professionals

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