Expatriation or the intensity of friendship

As I always say, expatriation, like any important event in life, does not create something that does not already potentially exist within an individual.

Expatriation reveals and expatriation exposes, with its own very specific parameters. Expatriates are usually pretty fast to connect with others; expat friendship usually flow more easily than non-expat friendships. 

There are reasons due to the specificities of the expatriation. In direct relation to that, I want to put down a few words about what happens in the expat world.

It was the second time I had heard that an expatriate woman was in a life or death situation.

Both times the expat community, wherever in the world, reacted instantly with no second thoughts and within minutes, a whole worldwide network organised immediately very effective actions: men and women were spreading the word, finding contacts and acting solutions.

This was not because they personally knew the lady. The expat community needs to be sure friends are there to help, because non-expat friends and family are too far away; sometimes on the other side of the world.

Yes, you can argue that all the expats reacting so fast are also far away, like non-expat friends and family are. But I believe that expatriates know very deep inside, on different levels, what it takes to deal with urgent situations. In partiular when they are so far away from home and in a foreign country with a totally different organisation; social, medical, security... not to mention the language that sometimes is not properly understood.

In life, real beauties and real fears are experienced. In expatriation, the distance with home instantly throws at least another layer to deal with those beauties and fears.

In a word:

There is not one expatriate community in each country. No.
There is a worldwide expat community and its solidarity is real as needed.
So relieved that both times, the lady in danger survived.

And when I say relationships, there is loads to say around couples, parenthood and child friendships.

Wishing you all a beautiful day!


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