End of Year Questions - to take you from 2012 to 2013

We're always on a bridge between the past and the future. Most of the time we don't notice it; we're busy shopping, in a meeting, or listening to a child's day at school...

Sometimes the bridge comes more sharply into focus - New Year is one of those times. I like to end the year with some questions to take you over the bridge from the old to the new. So, here are my selections for this year.

You might want to talk them through with someone you trust to listen, or write about them in a journal. Maybe you want to share some of them with your team at work. Whatever you choose, stay curious about your answers and have fun with them.

  • If you really want 2013 to count, what will you set out to do in it?
  • If you trust your inner wisdom, and the whispers that come from your heart, what will you give yourself permission to have a go at?
  • If you let yourself create joy in the things that you loved as a child, what will you bring back into your life?
  • If you left behind in 2012 one thing that was weighing you down, or holding you back, what is it?
  • If you lost your fear of failure in 2013 what will be the impact?
  • If you broke the silence to mend a relationship in 2013, what is the thing you need to forgive both yourself and the other person for?
  • If your future happiness depended on looking after your body, and health, how will you look after yourself in this year?
  • If 2013 is the beginning of a new chapter in your life, what is it called and how will you write it?

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