Emotions and your health

Can an organ influence our behaviour?
Can behaviour influence an organ?

Yes, yes, definitely yes.

Certain emotions or attitudes irritate different organs and conversely an imbalance in that organ can have a negative effect on our thoughts and attitudes.

What is responsible - the emotion or the organ?

In order to make a positive shift, there is a need to reflect upon the person's history, spoken words, personality, actions, symptoms and lives, so they can be assisted in reaching a resolution, both physically and emotionally.

Here's an example:

Mr A. is frequently in a rush and does not create a cephalic response in the body. This has led to low HCL levels in the stomach, therefore, food sits in his stomach putrefying. The physical symptoms and stress in his stomach are expressed through pain, inflammation and indigestion. His brain is constantly receiving messages of "my stomach hurts, which means I am sick" and "what if I can't work and pay my bills, I'm not worthy".

This information connects and intertwines in a particular part of the brain and sets off a negative emotional response - underlying anxiety and worry. By addressing his drivers from a lifestyle perspective and looking at the emotional concerns through NLP, a reduction and/or elimination of the conflict in the organ and emotionally can be achieved.

Recurrent stomach pains will cause anxiety, worry and low self-esteem. The fear of being permanently affected and developing a more serious ailment can cause huge amounts of stress. We tend to imagine the worst possible scenario. This kind of worry and self-doubt does not encourage us to adapt and solve the problem.

Also, anxiety can cause recurrent stomach pains. By supporting the stomach, elimination of the conflict the person was processing in the organ can happen. The brain then perceives the positive change and the person, free of pain, has a better chance of resolving their possible problems.

What does it all mean?

  • Physical imbalance in an organ can cause emotional and psychological disturbances; the healing of that same organ can help to correct the emotional upset.
  • It is also true that positive and supportive work on the psychological/emotional components can facilitate physical healing in the associated organ.

So if you suffer from a stomach problem such as pain, inflammation and/or indigestion. Take a look at it from all angles. Support the stomach with some good nutrition, appropriate movement, and positive lifestyle choices. Also, make sure you are dealing with the emotional aspects of your condition, NLP is a great way of doing that.

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