Do you have unfulfilled dreams lingering in the back of your mind that never get a chance to get to the surface? Is there so much other 'noise' going on in your life that you never quite 'hear' from your own heart and soul what you would really love to be doing? Where your dreams reside in your mind is where passions also often lie - the passion that can make you feel more alive and more motivated.

Giving yourself the time and space to let those dreams out is a great gift you can give to yourself. Even if you can't fulfil your dreams right now, once they are out in the open and being processed they are are least free to be explored and considered. They may even become part of your plans moving forwards...how great would that feel?

As we grow up our ability to dream about what we want can often get taken over by the stresses and strains of life, responsibilities, the 'oughts' and 'shoulds' of our limited thinking, and other external pressures. The time we once had as a child to wonder about crazy ideas, think ridiculously big and consider the 'what ifs' can become lost.

Perhaps when you are relaxed on holiday your mind begins to open up and think about your dreams for yourself. If so, how long do the dreams stay with you once you are back at home? I urge you to allow yourself some regular 'Dreamtime'; time to think about your dreams.

Set aside 15 minutes of uninterrupted time on a regular basis with a pad and paper to hand to record your thinking. However busy life might be, allowing yourself the time to let those dreams out can be invaluable for steering your life towards the things that make you happiest. The more time you spend thinking about your dreams, the more likely they are to happen. Talking them through with trusted family or friends who will support your thinking makes them even more alive. This has to be time well spent!

As we head towards 2014, what dreams are lingering at the back of your mind just waiting for you to access them?

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