Don't want to write - but have to write

So, you don’t actually like writing but it’s something you have to do.

You have to write articles or a blog to promote your business. Or you have a paper, an essay, for school, or work.

Maybe you want to direct and feel it’s up to you to write the script that you would love to direct because no one else is writing it.

So, writing a blog for your business? If the written word isn’t your thing, bear in mind it can be really short. A lot of people prefer their reading to be short.

Maybe you find it easier to write in bullet points rather than what you think are eloquent sentences. It’s your blog. You can do what you want. As long as you’re putting your point across, do what works for you.

Maybe you find it easier to talk rather than write. Record yourself and transcribe it. Or just make a Vlog instead of a blog. Camera shy? Film a bunch of pictures to illustrate the points you’re making. Or just post it as an audio file or a podcast.

We have so many ways of recording what we want to say. From video to Instagram, use whatever helps you express yourself. It doesn’t have to be words.

Does your boss insist on a written document? Are you sure they’re not open to accommodating different communication styles? Maybe they would prefer to hear your report as a podcast while they’re on their way to a meeting.

So your boss loves nothing better than reading great big reports. Great! You get to practice and improve what you believe are poor writing skills.

What’s important about completing this paper or report? What do you gain by doing a good job on it? How will you reward yourself by getting it done? Will others reward you for doing a good job?

How does getting this report or paper completed contribute to you achieving your end game?

Trick yourself into loving writing. Visualise it - feel it. Anchoring it with a feeling and action is what actually makes you believe it rather than just saying something over and over again.

Perhaps a course will help. Perhaps even one on creative writing. This may sound counter intuitive to someone who has no interest in writing in the first place, but if you like films and TV shows, if you like story, doing a course just so you can play a bit with story, you’ll see the difference when it comes to writing your business report. Words will flow better. By coming at it sideways, we get surprising benefits.

Practice streams of consciousness. Again, either write it or say it out loud, whichever works best for you. You’ll literally be practising using words and any writing - or talking - will flow a little easier.

Even if you start with ‘I don’t know what to write/say’ - keep writing, or saying that, as many times as it takes, and see what comes out.

Surprise yourself.

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