Do you want to be rich?

I recently had a fantastic chat with Paul McKenna - I attended one of his events and when the event came to an end he took the time to have a really long chat with me about coaching, life, happiness and all manner of things.

He asked me a question that totally knocked me for six and has proceeded to have a huge positive impact on my life. 

I’m going to share the question with you now, in the hopes that it has a huge positive effect on your life also.

If you had lots and lots and lots of money… Would you still laugh at the same things?

As in, would you still laugh at your favourite comedians, movies, books, etc? The answer is of course… yes.

No amount of money in your bank account could change what you do or don’t find funny. So this is an area of your life that you are already rich!

If you had lots and lots and lots of money…

  • Would you change your partner?
  • Would you change your friends?
  • Would you stop loving your pets?

If these are areas of your life that you wouldn’t change if you became wealthy then these are areas of your life in which you are already rich!

And the main lesson to take from this is…. If you tend to be the sort of person that focuses on what you don’t have (which is most of us!), it’s time to stop and take a moment to realise just how rich you really are in so many areas of your life.

You are just as rich as any of the world’s millionaires in these specific areas of your life… maybe even more so!

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