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Life coaching - acceptance and commitment therapy

What is acceptance and commitment therapy?

ACT encourages individuals to accept their thoughts and feelings, rather than suppressing, denying, or fighting them. ACT helps develop your psychological flexibility and helps people to create new behaviours, combining mindfulness, self-acceptance, and values. ACT helps you to deal with your issues head-on rather than avoiding them. For example, a person suffering social anxiety may become withdrawn and avoid social situations. ACT would help their person to become more flexible, accept negative distressing thoughts and live a life based on values, taking painful feelings and thoughts with them, rather than withdrawing from life. Painful feelings and thoughts are part of life and trying to avoid or fight them just makes things worse in the long-term. ACT helps to re-train your mind to manage these difficult feelings and thoughts.

Feelings of anxiety can be debilitating for the person experiencing them, and this can flood over to other areas of life resulting in living a limited life. Using ACT therapy, I can help you manage your difficult thoughts and feelings, resulting in a life worth living and help you create behavioural changes to help you manage your anxiety. ACT works by helping you defuse from difficult thoughts and to help you learn how to take your thoughts and feelings with you, rather than trying to avoid them. I can help you develop your psychological flexibility and help you live a more value-driven life. 

How can ACT help?

  • defuse from negative thoughts
  • allow you to live the life you want
  • create a more flexible mindset
  • accept who you are and your situation
  • get clear on what's most important to you
  • help to create behaviour changes

The hexa-flex

ACT focuses on six keys areas - the present moment, values, committed action, self-as context, delusion, and acceptance. Each area interacts with the other and clients typically find that if one area improves it ripples out to the other areas.

Life coaching

ACT is a non-addictive, no side-effect alternative to medication. I have used ACT with my clients and I have seen first hand the positive impact it has on people suffering from depression, anxiety, and addictions. Thoughts are just thoughts, and I help people become 'unstuck' in their thoughts and this results in a positive change in behaviour.


  • ACT uses metaphors to act as short-cuts to help you understand your situation and how to deal with it in a positive way.
  • Values are what's most important to us in life, and living with anxiety can have a negative impact on this area when left to fester.

To find out more about how acceptance and commitment therapy may help you, please get in touch. I am based in Stockport and you can book in to discuss your life in more depth. 

Renwick Research
Room 13A, Pepper House
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Telephone: 07868 990 674

Stephen Renwick

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