Do I want change or do I want to want it?

It is sometimes possible to fool ourselves into believing that we want change in our lives, but in reality, all of our energies are directed towards keeping us as we are. The principal reason for the dividing gulf is fear. We are unhappy, unfulfilled, perhaps envious of others, low in confidence, but still, there is comfort in our present state. We are familiar with our world, and change inevitably means moving away from our comfort zone.

Is it time to weigh up the pros and cons of staying or moving on? If the result of our thought experiment leads us to the realisation that the pros of moving on far outweigh the pros of remaining as we are, what do we do? The road ahead beckons, but the voice that urges us not to take the risk is so familiar, so well practised, and so loud, that it is difficult to ignore. Fear is almost tangible. We’re standing on the edge of a world where we can, at last, choose not to be tortured by constant anxiety, but how do we enter it?

We choose to go forward. We recognise finally that we have one life, and alongside it goes choice. To be whoever and whatever we wish to be.

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