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Have you ever found it challenging to be heard by clients or colleagues? Do you find yourself competing for space in an environment often dominated by men? Do you ever feel ignored, attacked or frustrated?

Do you say things like:

  • "I could be wrong but..."
  • "Sorry to bother you..."
  • "Im not sure if this will work."
  • "You may not like this idea, but..."

You won't be surprised to discover that you are not alone.

While you continue to use words and phrases like this, it is inevitable that you are not going to be taken seriously or respected.


These words demonstrate a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. How can others be sure of you when clearly you are unsure of yourself? 

Every time you send a weakened message your words carry less impact.

Opportunities pass you by.

Do you use indecisive phrases?

  • "I will try."
  • "I should be able to."
  • "Maybe I could."
  • "Perhaps."

How do you make changes to your business communication?

You can start by becoming aware of the words you are using, the ones that are disempowering you.


Awareness is the prerequisite to change, we cant change what we are unaware of.

In order to create credibility, get results, make things happen it's essential we carefully choose our words when communicating. 

Here's the thing....

What we practise we become.

By changing the old words for the correct words, you don't need so many of them - and you will notice people's interest peak.  

You will begin to feel more empowered, respected and valued. Your actions, thoughts and behaviours will also improve.

Using meaningless fillers and weak words dilutes your authority.

Change them to;

  • "I suggest..."
  • "I have a question to put to you."
  • "What I know for sure is..."
  • "I am certain..."
  • "I aim to complete this by Monday, and guarantee you will have it by Tuesday first thing."
  • "Let me ask you this..."
  • "Could you expand on that for me?"
  • "Why do you ask that?"
  • "I value your opinion and take your concerns on board."
  • "I would if I could."
  • "I'm already committed."
  • "If this doesn't change, I will..."

I hope this has been insightful and helpful and it’s left you feeling motivated, positive and inspired. 

Make it happen! You can do it!


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