Directional breath and how to use it

Directional breath or breathing, is breathing with intention into a space within ourselves. The technique is simple and natural. When we observe babies or infants breathing we can see how their breathing is different from our own, they fill their abdomen with air expanding all four sides of their diaphragm.


As we grow, develop and mature our breathing technique can change overtime, we can develop poor breathing techniques. As a result, our breathing can become restricted, irregular or shallow. Our life experiences can impact and change the way that we breathe, these changes can be permanent or temporary.
Breathing is the first thing that we do when we arrive on this earth and it’s the last thing that we do when we leave. Therefore, the significance of our breathing is massively important to life and what is happening between birth and death. Despite its obvious importance, it can be neglected by our conscious mind.
Our breath is significant to many activities, functions and developments within our physical body. It is our life-giving source it oxygenates the blood which in turn creates renewal and regeneration.

A few personal observations will bring realisation of how certain situations impact your breathing. Shock or surprise for instance, can create the response of a sudden gasp - an intake of breath, this sudden intake of a breath is often held for a few seconds or longer. This is considered as being a natural reaction to shock.

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Any changes to our breathing patterns are notable in our body, our brain and heart relies on certain levels of oxygen. Oxygen breaks down our food and transforms it into energy. Oxygen levels in the blood support normal function of all our organs and eliminates waste like carbon dioxide, cleansing our system.
Control and release of our breath with intention, can ease the impact of pain or anxiety. Panic attacks can be efficiently and effectively calmed with methods of breath control.
Managing our own connection to the positive calming and soothing/healing influence of our breathing can bring positive benefits to our own mind and body relationship.

However, when we start to breathe with intention and awareness we can find it challenging at first, only to learn that it is rejuvenating in many ways. Like most things we do naturally we learn poor habits, therefore regular practice will support us in feeling those benefits.

Our own breathing cycle is unique and totally individual, it is an immediately available support so learning how we can use it intentionally has life benefits.

How does it work?

Our self-awareness communicates our balance and imbalances, telling us when we need to re-establish the balance we require to feel comfortable and connect to our true self our essence that is in flow with life.

Our energy levels, or concentration could be low indicating that we are not functioning to full potential.

Our breath is our most practical and natural path to establishing balance and support.
By using our breathing, we can restore a more balanced state of mind and body.
Restoration that returns us to our natural balance and sense of wholeness.


We can use the breath to calm or to restore, to bring us into a position of control over physical pain, anger or anxiety. A simple practice that focuses on the inhale and the exhale can bring us into a position of awareness of our own unique breathing rhythm.
There are many breathing practices and methods some can seem complicated in practice. By becoming aware with recognition of our own inhale and the exhale technique, we will find our natural rhythm.

By simply extending our inhale and exhale, making both long and slow, while deepening the breath into the diaphragm, we can learn to become aware of the calming effect of our breath.

Expanding our breathing space over time, extending our lung capacity, will extend our individual unique breathing capability. By becoming sufficiently aware of our breathing rhythm and practice we can learn what breath can do for us over time, recognising its benefits on our body and well-being.
Our directional breath is breathing on purpose, to calm an area in our physical self.
Headaches and other pain can be healed by consciously sending deep inhale and exhales to the area. We do not need to be outside to do this, our breath and breathing can bring benefits to us anywhere, when we send with intention and visualise our breath going to a particular part of our body.
When we breath with intention we are living in the moment, we are fully engaged. We are connected to our authentic self and in the position of mindfulness. A position that is our natural state of being, bringing us to a state of balance capable of present and engaged. 

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Written by Hazel Rowell-Peverley, Life Coach HR Consultancy Mentor Supervision and Mediator
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