Digital detox: Cultivating a healthy relationship with technology

In a world where our screens have become constant companions, it's time to embark on a digital detox adventure that promises a healthier, more balanced relationship with technology. As your trusty life coach, I'm here to guide you through this journey with a sprinkle of neuroscience and a dash of playful wisdom. So, grab your metaphorical hiking boots, and let's explore the trails of disconnecting to reconnect!


How to have a digital detox 

1. Mindful mornings – tech-free beginnings

Ever noticed how the first thing we do in the morning is to reach for our gadgets? Let's change that! Begin your day by creating a cosy, tech-free sanctuary. Spend those precious moments savouring a cup of tea, engaging in a morning stretch, or simply sitting quietly for a moment. Neurologically, this allows your brain to start the day with tranquillity, paving the way for better focus and emotional balance.

2. Notifications – the sneaky distractors

Think of notifications as the mischievous pixies of the digital realm. Life coaching tip: Set designated times for checking your messages and emails. Turn off non-essential notifications to prevent them from hijacking your attention. By doing so, you're allowing your brain to stay in its productivity groove without constant distractions. The first thing I do with any new device is turn off notifications, they drive me nuts.

3. The 20-20-20 eyecare rule – for brain and eyes

Your brain loves the 20-20-20 rule as much as your eyes do! For every 20 minutes you spend staring at your screen, take a 20-second break and look at something 20 feet away. This simple practice not only nurtures your eyes but also stimulates different brain areas, helping you stay attentive and engaged.

4. Apps can be your allies, not adversaries

Did you know your smartphone can actually help you detox from its own clutches? Life coaching secret: Download apps that monitor your screen time and app usage. These digital buddies provide you with insights, empowering you to make informed decisions about your tech habits. It's a brain-friendly win-win!c

...take a leap into the tech-free zones, embrace analogue adventures, and curate your digital spaces with care.

5. Tech-free time zones – a spa for your brain

Introducing "tech-free time zones," where your brain gets a soothing spa treatment. Set periods during your day when you disconnect from technology – mealtimes, walks in the park, or quality time with friends and family. Neuroscience high-five: This practice enhances your brain's capacity for creativity and allows it to wander, wander, wander.

6. Night mode – lullabies for your brain

Just as a lullaby soothes you to sleep, activating your device's night mode can serenade your brain into a peaceful slumber. The warm, gentle hues reduce the disruptive blue light that interferes with your sleep cycle, letting your brain slip into a night of more restorative sleep.

7. Total tech-free zones – bathe your brain in nature's oasis

Create designated tech-free zones at home or in your workspace. These zones act as brain sanctuaries, inviting you to connect with the tactile world. Incorporate plants, calming colours, and cosy cushions – elements that nourish your brain's sense of touch, sight, and relaxation. Neuroscience bonus: Exposure to nature elements reduces stress hormones, giving your brain a refreshing reboot. An easy example of this is that the dining table is a tech-free zone. If anyone is sat there for any reason, it's no tech.

8. Analog adventures – rediscover your inner child

Remember those delightful analogue activities like drawing, colouring, or assembling a jigsaw puzzle? Time to rekindle your inner child's spirit! Engaging in hands-on, non-digital pastimes activates different parts of your brain, promoting creativity and problem-solving skills. Plus, it's a guaranteed nostalgia trip that'll have your brain doing the happy dance. In fact, why not get outside into the woods and build a den?

9. Tech-free travel escapes – feed your wanderlust and brain

Picture this: A tech-free weekend getaway. Whether it's a rustic cabin in the woods or a charming countryside inn, give your brain the gift of unplugged travel. This break from technology amplifies your brain's exploration and sensory experiences, fuelling your curiosity and boosting your memory consolidation. Pack your bags and let your brain embark on a rejuvenating adventure!

Don't have the pennies for that? Then simply go for a walk outside but leave your devices at home; and instead look out for three things you see that you like, three things you can touch that feel nice, three things you can smell that conjure a great memory and three things you hear that make you stop and listen.

And finally... If all else fails, spend the rest of your life wearing really thick mittens. No more touch screens for you!

With these additional playful tips, you've got a toolkit brimming with brain-boosting magic for your digital detox journey. Remember, it's all about finding the balance that suits your lifestyle and nurturing your brain's well-being. So, take a leap into the tech-free zones, embrace analogue adventures, and curate your digital spaces with care. Your brain – and your whole being – will thank you for it! Happy detoxing, explorers!

Still stuck in the digital world? Then work with me and we'll find your freedom.

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