Did you put your mask on this morning?

Life can be a challenge when you are continually wearing a mask. There is the constant pressure that it will slip and then you will be discovered for the fraud that you are – you are not pretty enough, not slim enough, not clever enough. You constantly produce outstanding results, yet it still never seems to be enough. You have “success” in your life, yet you know there is still something missing. Sleep may evade you, your mind is always on active looking for the hidden agenda – it is so exhausting!

Clients who are constantly busy – who find it hard enough to make the time to attend appointments - often seem exasperated when asked to create space for themselves. They are often at the point of total overwhelm and just want it to all stop.   

So, what simple things can you do to create that space? Physically, where can you go? Is there a walk that you can take, a park you can sit in – even if it is for just 10 minutes? What can you do that will start to quieten the mental chatter? Can you read a book? How about doing something that you used to love doing? How are you looking out for yourself emotionally? When did you last connect with good friends and just have fun?

I know, you are are too busy right? Can you see the loop you are stuck in? Just remember - start small, be gentle on yourself. What is that one small thing you are going to do today that will enable you to discard the mask once and for all?

If you need help to create space, a life coach can provide the skills and support you need. 

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