Developing your practice into China

Shanghai is an awesome city. The pace of growth is immense. I was going to say that the urban skyline has changed considerably over the last 20 years. Well, substitute 20 years for 5 years. Indeed I’m sure the new buildings were going up 2 levels a day! It is a centre of finance, trade and industry. Already over 20 million people live here and expanding. It is a modern city, with strong traditional roots but it is a city of change, ready to embrace the best of Eastern values with modern psychological approaches and ways of the West. It is probably the most cosmopolitan of Chinese cities.

Susan Chan and Associates at New Horizons are specialists in working with top executives and leaders to ease their stresses of high powered executive jobs. People, who despite success at a business and professional level, may feel stressed, with a poor work / life balance. The mind and body may be out of harmony with a low level of personal happiness. These problems can result in decline in performance, relationships and wellness.

The Chinese market is challenging to enter. We found limited support available in Scotland. The problems encountered include language, culture, distance and costs.

We established trust and strong relationships with our Chinese associates. This is crucial. This takes time. We investigated the existing competition and businesses in our area. In Shanghai, there are plenty of hypnotherapists, NLP specialists as well as motivation coaches. Research indicated that there was a market, that there is a client base, there is money and an openness to embrace the new. We needed a brand and a unique selling point with appropriate courses and packages.

We established an accommodation base in the French Concession area, and met potential clients in a variety of venues, including private clubs, and Wellness Clinics / Centres. The venues had to be premier class.

Our research indicated what was in demand. The potential clients were successful, confident and motivated. They were concerned about mind, body, wellness, stress and relationships.

To establish trust (from our partners and other key people) we offered group workshops and individual consultations. We were delighted with the positive response from our partners and clients to our sessions. We were not sure whether successful people would welcome workshops (they did) and whether language would be a barrier. It need not be. There was a level of understanding, but we also used fully briefed translators. We are also now learning Chinese!

In conclusion, our business, our style, approach, ethics and content can transfer to China. The perceived barriers of language, culture and distance can be overcome, with research, commitment, drive and marketing of a strong programme.

We return shortly to build on our client base and develop our relationships with the media.

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Ayr, KA7 4GX
Written by Susan Chan, Member Coaching Association. Executive and Lifestyle Coach
Ayr, KA7 4GX

'Life is for living, live with purpose and no regrets!'Susan works with clients who feel that they require career coaching or personal development, whether it be for increased confidence, motivation or simply to take time to review where they are at the moment.  Susan has been assisting people...

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