Dealing with divorce

When we go through a divorce, the idea of finding new meanings for a new life can feel pointless and unattainable. However the thoughts we hold onto create our emotional responses and can unlock and release some of the pain. It is not that we can change or stop the loss but we can change the thoughts that surround it. This, in turn, can bring a little peace and change the outcomes to reality.

All change including loss brings painful emotions and it is important to allow time to grieve, allow it in and spend time with it. Let your thoughts manifest into hope and heal the pain. Endings are also beginnings and it is really important to be kind to yourself while experiencing change.

However dark life seems there may be moments of light. From a simple smile or a glimpse of hope. These moments are precious and should be cherished. These may appear for a second and then fade away however these moments will grow longer and lighter so embrace these flickering nuggets as gifts of joy to be nurtured.

Affirmations can help grow these treasured moments and help create a new vision for your future.

  • I choose to embrace the light.
  • All things are unfolding as they are supposed to be.
  • I choose to treat myself kindly.
  • In my sadness and pain, I can and do love myself.
  • I choose to believe I can create my own new destiny.

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