Getting in a Dating State of Mind

Are you in the right frame of mind? How you perceive dating will have a direct impact on you success and enjoyment of the experience.

Take a moment to think about your state of mind! This will help you understand how you really feel about dating on a deep and subconscious level. Have a good think and now ask yourself…….

How do you really feel about dating?

Write your answer….

Perhaps you feel a bit desperate or maybe you think there is no-one suitable out there for you! What the thinker thinks the prover proves! What are you doing to prove your thinker right!  Really have a good think about your behaviours. Are any of your behaviours contributing to the results you get when dating? For example:

Thinker thinks!: I am too old to meet someone; there are no decent men over the age of 35.

Prover proves this right by: Only going out with much younger friends to a place where only young people hang out. Therefore there is no chance of meeting any decent men over the age of 35. Well done. You proved yourself right on a subconscious level.

Beliefs + Behaviours = Results

What kind of new thoughts could you have that your new prover can prove right? For example:

Thinker thinks! I am enjoying being single and meeting new people

Prover proves this right by:Trying lots of new things you enjoy doing which helps you to meet new people.

Start to change your beliefs and behaviours and you will get the results to match. Give it a GO!

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