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What are your daily habits? What you do every day becomes who you are. So, if you stumble out of bed after snoozing the alarm three or four times, brush your teeth then skip breakfast, get dressed mindlessly and then buy a red bull and a sandwich on the way to work, you are going to then feel like you spend your life chasing your tail.


Your lifestyle will mean you are not achieving your goals because you are lacking motivation and focus. Maybe you're starting to put on some extra pounds because you spend more time watching Netflix than you do working out.

If you want to avoid this lifestyle then it all starts with daily success habits.

Performing daily success habits can make you:

  • more productive
  • gain instant motivation
  • overcome debilitating procrastination leaving you happier, healthier and, of course, successful

We are living in ever-changing times where our attention is being constantly taken. Life is going at a million miles an hour and it can be a huge strain to slow down and take care of ourselves.

As humans, it is natural for us to prioritise what is important - but, we seem to think everything else is more important than us.

Perhaps you're neglecting your needs to make time for other duties. But, stopping exercising and other activities that nourish and replenish you because you are so busy will further limit your chances of success and will impact your well-being.

Daily success habits ensure that you focus on what is important and you don’t waste your day on distractions. Your habits should incorporate mind, body and soul, ensuring your daily self-care.

Here are six daily habits to form:


An exercise routine is great for reducing stress and it also helps to lower blood pressure. Aim for 10 minutes a day or two hours a week. Exercise means getting the blood circulating and some breathlessness. You don’t have to run the marathon, but you should feel challenged.


Research suggests that mindfulness helps to manage anxiety, which you can do easily in just five to 15 minutes every morning. All you need to do is sit down and pay attention to the present moment, without judgment. Focus on your breathing, and accept whatever thoughts and sensations you're experiencing.

This technique helps to get you out of your head, and think more clearly. Spending time focusing on your breathing is a great way to start the day as it will give you clarity and focus.


Knowledge your brain every day with reading. Read every day for at least 10 minutes, or read for half an hour or whatever you can manage.

Read to improve your intelligence! Read to give your brain and mind exercise! Read to help those mental cogs moving. Read because it’s sexy! Read, so that you get some mental foreplay!

Reading is good for you, especially in a time when we spend too much of it on technical appliances that dumb us down. Reading improves the mind.

Daily productivity sheet

What three things do you need to achieve today?

What are you grateful for?

These are just two questions you could ask yourself on a daily productivity sheet. Using a productivity sheet ensures you don’t get stressed about all the things that you can’t get done. Instead, you focus on what is really important that day.


Affirmations are positive statements you say to yourself to allow more positivity into your life.

Spend a minute in the morning and one in the evening continuously repeating positive sentences about yourself, such as 'I am amazing' or things you want to achieve like 'I want financial security.'


When you are saying your affirmations, you should also close your eyes and visualise what you are affirming. In this time you must also feel the affirmation. Visualisation is a powerful tool to enhance your belief and is used commonly by sportsmen and women.

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Shepherds Bush, London, W12
Written by Damian Duguid
Shepherds Bush, London, W12

My name is Damian Duguid and I am a life coach I work with people who want to accountable and disciplined.

If you like this article and would like to talk about how you can put this into practice contact on damianduguid@gmail.com

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