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Leaving work can often be a difficult decision to make. This is especially true when you have been within a certain sector for a number of years and retirement is just around the corner. For many public sector workers who are stressed and unhappy in their current role, the thought that they cannot leave because of how this will affect their retirement compounds these feelings even further.

There are also those people, predominantly women, who have taken time off for child care reasons, who may have had several other jobs before working within the public sector, and the promise of a decent pension upon their retirement is an anchor preventing them from leaving. Then there are those who are approaching their retirement at a relatively young age and are faced with the possibility of starting a second career.

Some are fortunate to have companies and organisations approach them, but for many, the path is not so clear, and then any move from an institution within the public sector to companies within the private sector comes with its own challenges. After decades of being in a stressful and demanding job, their desire is to find easier work, but the adaptation to the new working conditions and environment are not as easy as they thought it would be.

Whether you are just about to retire or have a few years left, having a different perspective or mindset can help you navigate those challenges.

5 ways to change your mindset

1. Take some time

It is so easy to be consumed by the stresses of day to day life that we can't even think straight or put things into perspective. Give yourself some time to fully explore your options, and talk to people who might be able to help.

Think about what other options there might be. Do you have to stay working full time? Could part time be an option for you where your income is supplemented via another stream, giving you the chance to pursue something you are passionate about or allowing you to turn a hobby into an income generator?

Talk to others who might have done something similar in the past. Seek financial advice as to how any changes in your work patterns might affect your existing and future finances, giving you a true picture of what's going on and how a change might affect you.

2. Assess what's really important

If things remain as they are, what will this cost you, health-wise or emotionally? What would you gain by creating the future you want rather than counting down the days until your working life as it ends? This is the time to assess what is really important to you.

3. Develop a new skill set

Consider whether you want to work in a similar environment, utilising your existing skill set, or whether there is an opportunity to take your career in a totally different direction. No matter what stage your career is at, it is never too late to learn something new, strengthening your existing skills and adding a different focus to your day.

4. Explore whether you have more to offer

Your experience and knowledge give you something valuable to share. Can you do this within your own organisation but to a different department, or to another company? Or could you do this within a voluntary capacity, giving you the opportunity to not only give back but gain a connection with others who would benefit from your experiences?

5. Experience the best of both worlds

Could you consider creating a life you want, doing the things that make you feel alive, bringing you joy outside of your current role whilst still working within your existing job? This can either be in the form of activities which pay, volunteering your time to others, or developing a new hobby.

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