Corona reflections

I've always identified uncertainty as the most stressful emotion as we don't have enough information to make future decisions and we don't know what 'stress protection factor to wear that day. But is much in life certain? We create the illusion of certainty as it helps us to cope. But when we are faced with global uncertainty, there is no hiding!


We are faced with our own emotional responses and seeing how much we trust ourselves and trust life. We must accept that we can only control our emotional responses and actions. We cannot control other people's thoughts or behaviours.

We are all currently living in a state of loss; of compromise. Every single household, not just in the UK, but around the globe. There are everyday lifestyle choices and people we have simply taken for granted and which we are 'grieving' over not having 'our way' anymore.

But this virus is pushing pain onto us in some shape or form and it serves no one, least of all ourselves, to let pain hang around and get the better of us. I have a gratitude jar and I don't need to look at the contents. I just need to see it. Hint: at the moment it's in a more prominent place than usual.


There is something to be grateful for in every corner, if we take a moment to look. Connecting every day, perhaps every hour of every day, with how lucky we are, how many things we have to be grateful for is so rewarding for our mental health.

What are you grateful for that is helping you to cope better with this pandemic?

Your future self

Experiencing how this virus doesn't just happen to 'other people' means that we have perhaps faced our own mortality. Life can be unfairly short. Isn't it a good reminder to make the most of it? None of us has any certainty about the future, so each day has to count. Each day can be enjoyed. There is no reason to wait to become your future self. You can begin today.

What can do you in the next few weeks that your future self will thank you for?

My mantra is to prepare for the worst and expect the best. Then I can feel calm and get on with my day. I don't expect anyone/the Government to rescue me. And if I actually am offered support, then I feel incredibly blessed.

Here are some links about the UK economy and how to maximise your income in these unprecedented times.

Latest personal safety measures

There are too many rumours flying around about what movement restrictions and plans are in place. No matter what our view of the measures, this is the most reliable source of information to refer to:
Official Government coronavirus information 
Official NHS coronavirus information

Financial support if you're an employee

Here’s the Government's news about support if you are an employee:
Guidance to employees and businesses about COVID-19

Financial support if you're seeking a role

There are fewer roles to apply for, but there are still roles out there and things will improve. In the meantime, here’s the Government's news if you're looking for a role and need to access financial support at this time:
Universal credit relating to coronavirus

Financial support if you are self-employed

Here’s the Government's financial support for the self-employed:
Government self-employment income support scheme

Mental health support

Speak to family and friends for support during this time, if this is available to you. 
If you need further help, there are some excellent mental health groups and charities offering free support:
Mind UK

Many private therapists are now offering online and telephone sessions:
Counselling Directory
Life Coach Directory

Be safe, be optimistically creative, be kind to yourself and others.

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Guildford, Surrey, GU2
Written by Suzanne Bourner, Career Clarity for the UK's over 40s
Guildford, Surrey, GU2

My purpose, which has been unchanged since 1997, is to show clients what really matters to them and to help them become professionally fulfilled. Clients receive an array of unusually effective practical techniques, emotional support and confidence to step out of their comfort zone and make the most of their precious professional life.

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