Confident Thinking - Part One

Confident thinking leads to feelings of confidence and to confident behaviour.  Many of us have warped thinking which sabotages our feelings of confidence and chips away at our ability to be confident.

See how many of these 'warped thinking' approaches you recognise in yourself or those close to you:

1. Mental filter: Filtering out the positives in life and focusing on the negative.

2. Discounting the positive: Belittling your positive achievements, discounting your successes.

3. All or nothing thinking: Seeing things as only good or bad, right or wrong, success/perfection or complete failure .

4. Mind reading: Making assumptions about what someone else is thinking, believing a negative outcome.

5. Fortune telling: 'What if' thinking, assuming it will be awful.

6. Catastrophising: Exaggerating the negative.

7. Personalisation and blame: Taking things personally even when it's not your fault, or believing it's everyone else's fault whilst ignoring your part in the situation.

8. Generalisation: Making assumptions based on minimal evidence.

9. Should, musts, ought to's: Criticising yourself or others for things you feel you/they should do.

Over the next 3 articles I'll be exploring these thinking styles and giving you pointers for how you can challenge and overcome them.

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