Coaching for momentum

Momentum is what keeps you going once you have found your motivation and drive to go for your goals and your dreams. To live a life you love. Yet it is difficult to maintain your momentum at times, with the unexpected changes and knock backs life throws your way.

Coaching helps you to maintain this because your coach, although in the background and available when you need them, is not in the midst of the daily struggle or the daily action steps you are taking. They can therefore bring in session the inspiration to keep going, a different perspective on where you are and reminders of what you've achieved already to date.

Momentum is what carries us forward and some of that requires structure, purpose, direction and a never ending supply, even intermittently, of positive thinking and self-belief that you can have what you desire and are working towards.

And yet, as people, we cannot maintain our 'ups' all the time and need the drops occasionally so we can experience those 'up moments' again in future! Life is about ups and downs, great achievements and some dips in positivity or achievement slows. That's fine. That’s your natural wave or flow that we each have within ourselves, not always a pattern or recognisable reason but necessary all the same. It’s what makes life fun!

No matter what job we do, the tasks to perform, the family life to engage wit, the home to run and manage, the social engagements to arrange and attend, and the bills to pay or chores to complete - we need to have periods of activity and slowing down, even stopping a while to rest and recoup.

Momentum carries us forward. Like turning on your car engine, releasing the brakes and pressing the accelerator now and then as we tack speed for changes in direction (corners) or traffic lights and pedestrians for example. The momentum of that engine takes the car and us forward but at times it needs managing - slowing, faster, gear change, stopping at the shop or parking up to do whatever your plan is.

Rolling down a hill gives you momentum too! That exciting out of control exhilaration, as a child or adult, of going faster and faster - like skiing, sailing, skating or cycling too.  Yet, deep down we know we can stop ourselves even with a little pain of a sharp stop risk assessment on the way down, but if it carries on we begin to feel anxious and stressed because the fear takes over that actually, we can't stop ourselves! The same feeling going upwards too at a fast pace… yet knowing we have to come down at some point too on that fairground ride!

Coaching also helps you to slow down and stop when necessary. Climbing your mountain, whatever it is, requires that you take stock of your progress and your future goal, that you 'plateau out' at times on that journey upwards. Time to rest, recoup your energy, reassess your route and your options given that you have taken advantage of your opportunities thus far that have, with each one, changed you and your actions if not tweaked your goal somewhat.

Recognise the periods where momentum is taking you forward and recognise the period of rest and relaxation, reassessment and realignment you need on your journey too. Coaching can help with this, your coach being an independent witness to where you are and what can help you.

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Written by Julie Crowley Personal & Professional Coaching - for life

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