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Coaching clients often requires the need to take a lot of confusing information swilling around the client's mind and bringing it out to help clarify the necessary details, putting aside the 'jumble' of details around those key points - critical thinking analysis.


Coaching helps put key points, steps and actions into perspective again. It helps you identify the resources you need and those you have that are required to achieve the goals you set - not to mention clarifying the goals from the general 'I want to be happy/successful/make life better' kind of processing that we all have to go through!

Your mind 'collects' a lot of information each minute of every day and stores what it can in your memory for later reference. There is so much that some of these facts and the knowledge has to bear some relevance to your current purpose for your mind to 'choose' the information it will store (even our minds, conscious and unconscious have a limit to what they can hold and also what they can retrieve and reference in a given situation!).

A coach is often logical, an organised thinker, used to systemising information for themselves and therefore transfer this skill to helping clients assimilate their information similarly.

Those who have specific issues for organised thinking (ADD, ADHD, dyslexia or dyspraxia, autism too for example, or even those 'free thinkers' too) can have problems picking out salient points to focus and work on, amongst the mass of mixed information they pick up because of their 'curious minds'.

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If you live in a complex household there are a myriad of people to manage, situations to consider and responsibilities to achieve; at work perhaps there is a new and in depth project to be managed that requires clear thinking and systematic steps you just can't quite get hold of.   

Coaching helps you find the right techniques for you to use in this instance and going forward in future too. Once learned, you will find it hard to 'unlearn' something even if it might slip to the back of your mind for a time until you need it again.

The swapping between your various roles in life also requires some sort of organisation as well as flexibility and adapting to changing situations all the time, which can be exhausting. So if you find effective, useful tools, new habits and behaviours to reduce the transition angst, it can only help you and those around you.

So much information we take in each day without a 'curious mindset' include millions of 'pieces of information' every minute - about our surroundings, potential threats, intuitive responses to those we meet, looking for opportunities and ideas, talking and listening, watching and assessing.

It is suggested we process about 100,000 words a day or 34 gigs of data through people, environments, TV platforms or books/papers, games or browsing, thinking or planning - and all this has to be filtered by your brain to store and ignore what it deems relevant. (Hence when you set yourself goals, your brain knows what to look for amidst this mire of facts and helpful information you've experienced!)

Coaching will help you to identify what to focus on so you can work on it and develop your ideas, your opportunities. As your coach gets to know you better they are in good place to get inside your head and behaviours to help you manage all of this and draw out what your hopes and dreams are, your objectives today and next year, and how you can better process the information to make it useful for you.

This is why 'models' work for us - concise, easily remembered facts that guide us to the wealth of information when we choose to explore and utilise it in full. Psychology models, therapy models, business management models, lifestyle models, education models and many more.

What models work for you and why? How can you use them now and always?

Find out from a coach - business, personal development, career, divorce or marriage coaching and general life coaching that covers all these and many more options.  

What helps you life a life you love to live and work you love to do?

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Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ
Written by Julie Crowley, MBACP | Personal Development Coach | Registered Counsellor
Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL4 5SJ

Julie offers personal development life and career coaching - self-awareness, stress management, relationships and communication, identifying options, choices, insights and outlooks. Experienced supporting professional managers, teams and employers and employees. "Removing barriers, building dreams. Resolving problems, building teams"

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