Changing brains!

This is Brain Awareness Week (13th to 17th March), so I thought I would do something on that. We can't actually change our brain! Or can we? Well, we can't swap it but we can change it! We are that powerful!

Actually yes, we can. We do it all the time! Each new piece of information, an experience we have or a new behaviour or action we introduce changes our brain physically! It changes the neurons that build links between parts of the brain, the memory stores and the conscious/unconscious 'mind'. Our actions stimulate different parts of our brain as science shows us now, and we know we use different parts of the brain for different reasons.

So yes, we can and do change our brain! But we more commonly refer to 'changing our mind' - making a choice and then choosing something else instead. But that changing of the mind can also be continuous and constant with growth, experience, knowledge and judgements, decisions and choices, behaviours and actions, words and attitudes!  

We have power to do that... you have power to do it and me too! But we don't do it often enough or in the right way, for the right reasons!

The best reason to change your mind? To make things better for you! To be happier, healthier, more helpful and effective, more positive and enriching for you and the life you are living!

We have the power of choice - choose your thoughts, actions, behaviours, attitudes, relationships, careers, social events, family and friends (we can sort of choose our family!).

But do you? Do we? I do, now that I know how! I have been doing it for years. You can too! You can start today. This article itself may well change your thoughts and beliefs, increase your power and expectations, meet the needs you may have been neglecting! I hope so!

So change your brain and gain from it!

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Written by Julie Crowley, Personal & Professional Coaching - for life
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Julie Crowley is a career and life coach, supporting, motivating and encouraging people to strive towards their goals, live their dreams, love their work and live the life they are want to live. Coaching, she knows, is a very powerful tool to create the life you want and become the person you want to be because she has done it herself too!

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