Change Your Relationships

We enter relationships and expect they will always stay the same. Men marry women expecting they will always stay the same and women marry men thinking that they will change them! 

You can only ever change yourself, and this is the key to successful amazing relationships. The ways people react towards you are a reflection of the ways that you feel about yourself. 

When you are angry others react towards you with hostility.
When you are high in self-esteem others behave respectfully.
When you are judgemental others react critically.
When you are positive others are responsive and receptive.
When you feel low self-belief others react with lack of trust.
When you are content and at peace others react harmoniously.
When you are feeling guilty others react with blame.
When you are feeling loving others react with kindness and care.

If you respect yourself than others pick up on the feelings and treat you with the respect you deserve.  If you love and value yourself you will attract similar qualities from others.
If you think badly of yourself and are self critical than others will reflect those feelings back to you. 

As we change so do our relationships. 

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