Castles in the sky or just real big dreams – what’s the difference?

Dreams seem to have a bad rap. When you use the word ‘dreams’ in describing your aspirations people seems to think these are some ‘castle in the sky’ ambitions that should not be pursued nor will come true.

However, for us to be happy in life and feel that we’re making a difference following those authentic and true dreams (for you) is the number one step to finding lasting and authentic happiness, fulfilment and success. You’re thus not faking it. It’s who you are. And being able to be you is pretty awesome if you think about it!

Knowing what you love doing and you’re passionate about is like winning the lottery. Research shows that doing something we’re passionate about makes us happy and healthy and if it includes helping others in some way makes our lives even more purposeful.

No successful person is successful because they hate what they do. They’re passionately in love with what they do and therefore have the drive to pursue it through thick and thin.

So following your heart, soul, gut feeling… or whatever you call that ‘inner voice’ that guides you and generates those dreams, is actually good for us. In fact, the success strategy lives within you to turn those dreams into reality. 80% of the dream achievement is clarity of what you want and why you want it. I see you crinkling your nose and raising your eyebrows. It’s nearly all about the why and only 20% about the how. Have you ever met someone who loves what they do, is pretty constantly in a great mood and neatly achieves their goals? They are most likely lead by their what’s and why’s, a motivating factor so powerful we can become unstoppable!

And just one more thing on ‘dreams’ –  I’m talking about all those big dreams you have inside you! They really just are goals with a date. So let yourself dream big (it always makes us feel good too… those amazing day dreams! Delicious.) and then just turn them into step by step actions plans with a date, remembering what drove you to pursue it (the 80%). And suddenly your dream gets an acceptable status: it becomes a goal.

What next: What do you want to achieve? When will do it? And what is your first action step? Do something every day, even if it is just one small thing. Oh and remember to dance when no one is watching too! If you want to find out why read my next Monthly note!

Here’s to some more wonderful dreams!

Big love,

Petra xx

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Written by Petra Tourunen, Career Purpose Coach - TheFlowStyler Career Coaching
Richmond TW9 & London SE1

Petra Tourunen is a career & confidence coach - the Flow Styler. She specialises in empowering women &lawyers to find their career passion &purpose back. Women who are 'this close' to quitting their job &helps them to find & follow their flow, find back their direction, work/life balance & create a successful career around their potential&passion.

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