Can the fear of success have an impact your Self-Confidence?

It is perceived that “being successful” can be a double-edged sword. On one side, success is craved and a tremendous amount of effort is put into achieving success. The perception of success may be recognition/fame and financial rewards. It may be that without a constant striving for it there is no life.

On the other side there is the hidden inner fear of succeeding, which is being afraid of hitting success big time. It can only be imagined what comes with huge success. There is the money and a need to manage it. With money there may the purchase of more valuable possessions, they will also need to be managed. More importantly, with success comes added responsibility. There are more people listening to what the individual has to say, there are more people following their advice, they become so much more influential.

It is hardly surprising then that the individual starts asking questions, such as: ‘Do I really want all that responsibility?’ ‘What if it becomes too stressful?’ ‘Maybe just a little success will do, I don't need to make it too big!’

With those self-imposed limitations, it is very likely that breakthrough success will not be achieved, instead somewhere on the way the person stops and no matter what effort they put into it, nothing will happen. Their subconscious has decided to sabotage the whole process and that's the end of that. Their subconscious controls their whole life.

How would this situation impact your self-confidence? It impacts it in a very negative way. You will stop believing in yourself and come to false conclusions about your mediocrity, insufficient capabilities, weaknesses, etc.

If you recognise something of the above in yourself, there is one thing to keep in mind. The journey to real success is long and unpredictable. Some people have taken many years to become an ‘overnight success’. If you believe you don't have it in you to think big because you perceive it intimidates you, don't despair. Take tiny steps first towards your goal and get used to the taste of success gradually. By the time you have reached your dream "destination" or level of success, you will have become accustomed to it to the point of being able to handle it comfortably.

Any success will boost your self-confidence, no matter how huge or tiny, and therefore you should enjoy and celebrate each and every success, no matter how small or big. One day they will bring you the success you desire.

I believe that you should be inspired and motivated with a varied menu of training courses, workshops, one-to-one or group coaching, on-line courses, mentoring or any combination that suits you to achieve your success. But of course, if you don’t implement what you learn, then nothing will change.

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