Can a Life Coach really help?

Yes, of course they can, but then I’m a Life Coach and that’s what you’d expect from me, but funnily enough I’ve had this question and debate many times before but I’m always happy to give the view of a coach.

You see, going to a Life Coach is just like talking to a safe and trusted friend or relative, they listen, they will be supportive and they will understand. Well then! Why bother with a life coach? Let’s just stick to a friend or relative, why not indeed, they might listen, be supportive and may even understand but that’s where any similarity usually ends.

I’d never knock the importance of friends and family, they’re very precious, but the problem is that when it comes to help and advice, they’re often too close emotionally. Even the most loved and respected friend or relative will be influenced by their own lives, this can be good in terms of experience but they will still be emotionally involved. It takes a very special person to be able to remain emotionally detached and unbiased when faced with the dilemmas of a close friend or loved one.

Does that then mean that a life coach will be cold and unemotional? No! Is the short answer but that probably doesn’t help when you’re thinking about sharing bit’s of your personal life with a complete stranger.

A life coach will have the same feelings, emotions and failings as anybody else but the difference is that they will not be closely involved with their client; it’s not about them personally which allows them to be totally impartial. Of course apart from life and work experiences they will be trained and qualified as a life coach, even a general life coach will often specialise in some areas.

Trust and confidentiality is the cornerstone of life coaching, unfortunately it’s not always guaranteed with friends or relatives and depending on the circumstances it’s often through no fault of their own. They may find themselves in a very difficult position having to make a decision which they believe to be in your best interest and the very nature of being close to others around you puts secrecy at risk.

A life coach won’t have the same pressures, they won’t tell you what you want to hear, they’ll be completely honest, they won’t do it for you but they will support you in doing it for yourself.

Can a life coach really help? Yes! Of course they can.

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