BREXIT can teach us more than you think!

(BREXIT stands for the British referendum to exit or stay in Europe.)

I have noticed storm clouds gathering on both sides of the argument, with the pro-European side firing the first shots. Their strategy is based on feeding the voters with fear, the fear that if we leave the European Union, we will go into the unknown and will be poorer and even friendless, in a hostile world.

Ok, so this is my interpretation on what’s happening so far. I know you will all have your own angle on the pros and cons of this referendum. The one thing I personally know is that without having good goals to work towards, fear is what can be left behind. Fear can drown out a landscape of personal options, beliefs and future possibilities.

The only weapon we all possess to tackle our fears, is our own personal hope. Hope only survives if it is nourished with the correct mix of ingredients, these being:

  • having a good goal to work towards
  • the determination and drive required to move towards your goal (and a more meaningful, brighter and better future)
  • a plan A and if possible, a plan B too
  • taking control of your life or knowing who or what is controlling you (this could include any emotion, especially fear).

Always having a positive, meaningful and hopeful goal to work towards in your life will allow you to make better choices based on what you want. Having no goal to work towards could mean you spend time paralysed by your fears and the lack of the hope we all yearn for.

Coaching can help you to make the right choices for your own ‘in’ or ‘out’ decision!

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