Breathing out panic attacks

Most of us have heard and some have even experienced panic attacks. Palm sweating, accelerated heart rate, dry mouth, feeling of dizziness are some of the dreadful symptoms that many of us have unfortunately come across.

Many forms of medication, talking therapy and treatment have been offered as possible ways of fighting panic attacks.

My experience in this area has enabled me to observe a commonality in the way that most people who suffer from panic attacks relate to themselves. In general, they tend to undervalue themselves for which their confidence is often rotten. In addition, they often present treads of perfectionism and a very strong belief or even need to serve to others or prove themselves to others.

Experiencing a panic attack then feels like a nightmare, not only because of the process itself, but also because of what it represents symbolically to the person experiencing it. For someone whose self image is impaired, not being able to function at one's 100% due to a panic attack, may often feel like a prove that they are lacking on something, or in other words to further reinforce the idea that they are worthless.

Yet, what I believe that panic attacks are coming for is to say: change the way you feel, think about yourself and this is when I will disappear.

Panic attacks are the call for those who have often taken too much on board... for those who have carried more heaviness and burden then their shoulders can carry... for those who have been more tough on themselves then on others... for those who are afraid to let go.

Let go of your expectations, your fears and your disappointments! Be yourself! Let go and breath!

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