Boundaries position you and empower you

Here’s the thing...

Your boundaries are your boundaries... first and foremost. Having firm, but flexible boundaries means “knowing and understanding what your limits are”.

In all fairness, the more you set boundaries... the more your confidence and self-worth increases. They are your bottom lines. And you need to be the leader in your own life

And, to do that you must:

Create and maintain your boundaries. You must show up for yourself every single time. Commit to your own rules.

It’s non-negotiable to value yourself. So others respect and value you too. You’ve gotta stick to your guns. Because, if you don’t... Some people will take advantage. And, not in a good way. The way they look to you changes. You lose their respect. And you lose your power.

However... If you truly want to increase your power, self-belief and self-worth, you need to make sure that you have rock-solid, non-negotiable boundaries in place, and that you don’t ever waiver...

That doesn’t mean that you can’t be authentic, kind and sincere. You can absolutely.

But, you must maintain the boundaries at all times personally and professionally.

Look at it this way.

Boundaries are awesome. Everyone knows exactly where they stand, what needs to happen, when it needs to happen and how.

Everyone knows exactly what to expect. Remember that.

Most importantly, you make self-care a priority. You put yourself first.

You put yourself in a better place and that means being a better wife, husband, partner, colleague, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, boss, leader, manager, employer, business owner, co-worker or friend. Focus on what you can change. Let go of what you can't change. Today, commit to stop dreaming and start doing. Surround yourself with positive energy. Hang with positive people. Speak kindly to yourself.

Take courageous imperfect action.

If you don't set boundaries - you may end up dancing to someone else's tune, and get resentful.

Get clear on your boundaries now!

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