Boost your self-confidence in three ways

We tend to think negatively before we think positively - it’s in our nature. There are a number of studies that show that we form negative thought patterns before we can think in a positive way.

Confident people, whilst they do have the same thoughts as the rest of us, have learned to focus on their positive attributes rather than on their negative ones. They tend not to listen to their negative self-talk, but they identify and value their strengths. They have a positive attitude and they understand the values that drive them.

If you want to build your confidence, here's how:  

Do you know your strengths?

This may seem a silly thing to ask but how well do you really know yourself. Often people go through their lives without ever knowing themselves very well or taking the time to find out who they really are. To find out what your best qualities are consider what you enjoy doing and what you are good at. Simply list your attributes, start by thinking about what you do well and what comes easily to you.

Ask others, if you need some help identifying your strengths. People close to you are often the best people to give feedback on your strengths and you may be surprised by what you find out. Once you have identified your qualities get to work on using them - find ways to maximise them. When you put yourself in a position where you use your strengths and qualities and feel at your best, you develop your abilities still further.

Have a positive attitude

Confident people have a positive attitude and whilst they are not exempt from negative self-talk they know and understand their strengths and focus on their most positive traits. They simply don’t listen to sabotaging negative self-talk.

Understand your values and drives

This self-awareness is another way to improve confidence. Your values define, to an extent, who you are and how you related to the world around you and the people in it. Knowing your values will help you to find a sense of purpose and direction and help you to build your confidence.

If you would like to find out more about improving your confidence do get in touch for a free introductory coaching session.

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