Boost Your Confidence with Caroline Hart -Life Coach

Do you need a step-up in life, or even just the courage to step out of the front door?
In these challenging times we all need more support than ever. And one of the main weapons we need to shape our lives is confidence – a feeling that can so easily be shattered, and so hard to rebuild. Or is it?

For anyone who is suffering a crisis of confidence, or even a minor wobble, a Life Coach could well prove a godsend.

Life Coaching is all about unlocking your potential, achieving your goals and living the life you choose. Many Life Coaches now offer a Free Initial Consultation this gives you the opportunity to experience their individual coaching style before you commit. This can be particularly helpful if you have not been coached before as it will enable you to be confident that the coach you have chosen to work with is the right coach for you especially if you.

Here are 2 tips that could help you boost your confidence - from; Caroline Hart - Life Coach 

“One of the main things my clients want to work on is confidence,” agrees Caroline . “And it’s interesting that people always say they want ‘more’ confidence. This tells me that they already have it, which is true – we all have confidence. Yes even you!
“But confidence is a funny thing. Even though we all have it, we all want more of it. Well, here is the good news – you can because confidence can’t be used up, only topped up.
“You don’t get issued a set amount to last your lifetime – confidence is your own unlimited resource. All you need is to know how to boost it.
“I am going to share with you two confidence-boosting activities that I use with my coaching clients to help them. Both have proven to be very effective for the people I have worked with, and I hope they help you, too.”

A) Remember your BRA (men and women)
When we feel nervous our breathing becomes shallow, our hearts pound, our bodies tense up and the energy drains from our brains. The aim of this exercise is to change those physical symptoms to allow more energy for the task in hand. You will always have situations that cause anxiety, but if you remember your BRA you will find it a lot easier to stay calmly in control.

BRA stands for:

  • Breathe Pay attention to your breathing and slow it down by taking long deep in breaths and releasing them slowly.
  • Relax Scrunch up your shoulders and then drop them down releasing tensions that may be held there.
  • Action Once the body is duly primed you are ready for action!

That’s it! It is simple and it works. So whatever you do and wherever you go remember your BRA – you never know when you might need it.

B) Use It or Lose It
Confidence is like a muscle – the more you use it the stronger it gets. This activity will enable you to grow your confidence, and as it grows you will be able to challenge yourself more and more to ensure it keeps growing.
1) Draw a list from 1-30 of things that will take you just outside of your comfort zone. Don't go to crazy, start small with something that just makes you a little bit anxious and add more as you think of them.
2) Every day for the next month complete one of the items on the list. And every evening write down: “Today I was confident and I did…” Then add: “Tomorrow I will be confident and I will do… [another item on the list]”. If there is something you don't feel able to tackle yet that is OK – just keep building your confidence and come back to it another day.

“Of course these are just two things you can do to boost your confidence,” says Caroline. “But there is so much more.
“If you would like to find out how I can help you become more confident then please contact me to book a free initial consultation.“We can discuss the small changes you can make that will have a big impact on how you feel – and make you happier about yourself and your life!”

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Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8NS
Written by Caroline Hart, Kent Life Coach
Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN4 8NS

Have you reached a point in your life where you think you’ve lost your way? Maybe you’re not feeling good about yourself, but you don’t know why.  It’s like you’re weighed down and just can’t move on. At times we all feel stuck or overwhelmed by life. For som...

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