Being mindful

These mindfulness exercises are meant for those times when you are so flustered that you can’t concentrate and are out of control with yourself. They are something to work with to get back to yourself.

The point is to become aware of patterns and how hard it is to break them. The point is not to change the pattern. A new pattern is just as much a pattern as the old one. Just create a bit more flexibility. 

Mind your feet.....walking around the house or office or while you’re grocery shopping.

Notice your chair while you are on your laptop or Ipad, how it feels and when and how you are sitting on it.

Make a conscious effort to stop before going through a door, be aware of yourself, speak kindly to yourself and be confident.

As you put on your shoes, try and put on the one you usually put on second first.

Make a cup of tea or coffee without sugar if you’re used to sugar.

When you have to wait for something (grocery line, pc starting up etc.) breathe consciously.

When cleaning the house or cooking be aware of everything you do. Notice also how you hold your body.

Keep a diary of your thoughts and feelings. You will probably find repetition.

Notice… take a deep breath; notice five things you can see. notice five things you can hear; notice five things you can feel (shoes, socks, trousers, hair against forehead etc.)

When you’re feeling impatient waiting at roadworks, be mindful of your breath and notice the air in and out of your nostrils.

If something frustrates you smile. Smiling is infectious.

In each exercise, the point isn’t to beat yourself over the head if you can’t do it consistently. Being aware and some effort will shift things.

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