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Since the 1990’s companies and businesses have taken an increasing interest in what they term their “Human Capital” or “Human Resources” and in the process identifying their staff as assets. Some staff may retort that they object to being termed “Capital” or “Resources”, as if they were a chair or some stock of photocopying paper, but resources they remain and being assessed for fitness for purpose has become the norm.

In making that assessment, businesses will review (appraise) their staff on the basis of Competency Frameworks in order to assess their staff and their suitability to be professional, respond to change and develop new skills. This so that they can be useful in building business or growing into senior managers or the like.

These competency matrices are important in recruitment too. Prospective employers and recruiters often test and question the applicant around their competences and the fit they have with the organisational needs.

Such competences tend to cover the five following key areas:

1. Intellectual Skills - being able to think, organise, solve problems and have what is often called an “enquiring mind".

2. Technical and Functional Skills - this could be in having numeracy and language skills or could be about the specialist skills needed in the function the staff sre deployed in.

3. Personal Skills - concerning self-management, initiative, self-learning, and adaptability and knowing the sense of ethics that the business and the industry work to.

4. Interpersonal and Communication skills - being able to work with others, value diversity, mediate & negotiate with colleagues, listen, read and speak effectively.

5. Organisational & Business Management - which is required of all staff to some degree, not just those that want to be senior managers - it encompasses strategic and project management, organising & developing people and in exercising professional judgement and discernment.

Increasingly, perhaps sensibly, organisations are expecting and inviting their staff to take responsibility for their own personal and professional development. That is both empowering and trusting, but can result in some concern for the employee on how to approach the task, make a sensible appraisal of competences and then set about developing them (and making use of the ones that are already well honed, often referred to as strengths!)

Given that high performers, in work and life, frequently turn to coaches for guidance on developing further, it is not surprising that Executive, Management and Business Coaches are the first port of call for staff wishing to present their competences well, address their strengths and build new skills. An experienced coach, with business, both practical and teaching experience will make a substantial difference to the ease with which their clients succeed in this responsibility. It makes sense.

The return on investment is often more than ten times the initial cost (without adding the on-going benefits for the rest of life!) as the employee can apply themselves and be successful in work quickly. Additionally, coaches are often also asked for help when their client has discovered it is time to find new challenges, maybe career development or even a change. Competences that are well developed and presented on CV, that can be confidently demonstrated, spoken and supported will not just catch the eye, but will instil confidence. That’s the way to bag the job!

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Written by Just Clarity, Keith Abrahams - Life & Executive Stress Consultant
London EC2M & Stevenage SG1

As a life and executive stress management consultant, the most common reasons clients seek help from me are related to stress, anxiety, depression, anger, relationship, and work-related issues. This might be related financial stress, promotional issues or challenging life, business, and career choic...

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