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Have you wondered why you keep attracting the same type of people or situations? Resonance is a state of synchronisation of the vibratory pattern. These vibrations consist of something like wave movement.

Everything in life transmits vibrations: the way you think affects how you feel. This in turn affects your vibration, which in itself gets reflected on your body condition. Your words, voice and the tonality of your speech vibrates, too. We have all realised that there is a difference in the appearance of a depressed and a happy person. Without saying much, the twinkle in the eyes of the second and his vibrant energy that illuminates his surroundings generally makes him more watched, more recognised, more liked. Positivity always wins!

Even so, speaking about intimacy things are not always this way. Like a magnet, our vibrations attract people with similar vibrations. When we say 'we are on the same level' or 'we are on the same page' we tend to refer to some kind of a reciprocal understanding that captures more than verbal communication and that many of us have experienced. We all know what it feels like to feel understood or comfortable in the company of someone who we may barely know. Oppositely, we often say we like this man or woman, but 'something is missing'. This something is the vibration that I am referring to and that in most cases simply does not match ours.

Being in the company of someone whose vibration is close to ours creates a feeling of trust and comfort. Unfortunately, this does not necessarily mean that we can trust or rely on this person. Over time, we may realise that this person is disrespectful, abusive, or negative. Things end, but on the next one situation repeats itself. Hence the third, and fourth ... it simply becomes a vicious circle.

In most of the occasions like this, clients express a desire to change the person and questions like 'advise me to say or do' are regularly asked. The answer is always the same and very simple. However, it requires power of will to be applied. What is essential is that a client starts noticing their vibrations, and ask themselves the following:

What do you usually say? How do you tend to act or respond to this person? What role do you play in this relationship? How do you see yourself in relation to this person? 

Negativity? Arguments? Pain? Feeling stuck? Emptiness? Lack of self-esteem?

If this resonates with you, perhaps YOU do not give much importance to yourself. You tend to sacrifice your happiness for the sake of others being happy.

To raise the frequency of your relationship or your life, raise your wave first! 

1. Respect and Love yourself more.
2. Put yourself first.
3. Always find time for yourself.
4. Eat and sleep well.
5. Embrace your strengths.
6. Listen to yourself as to what feels right rather then believing that what is right is that which others tell you.

That's when you will start seeing results!

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