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What is time management?

Life management and personal management - it allows you to gain control over your workload, be prepared for problems and emergencies, get the important work done on time and plan for the future. With your time under control you can become more relaxed and confident giving you a powerful tool (for furthering your career or any aspect of your life).

Analyse the 10 common time management mistakes below:
Which ones do you know you do?  Which ones do you do more often?

1. failing to keep a “to do” list

2. not setting goals

3. not prioritising

4. failing to manage distractions

5. procrastination

6. taking on too much

7. thriving on busy (can get addictive)

8. multitasking

9. not taking breaks

10. ineffectively scheduling tasks.

Top tips on time management:

  • Write a to do list (day, week, month, year) first thing in the morning or last thing at night for next day – but schedule things into your diary.
  • Set goals with dates (by when).
  • Prioritize your list.
  • Take some breaks with rewards.
  • Accept that sometimes things have to change because the day didn’t go as planned but move on with a positive mind set.
  • Sometimes we have to be assertive and say “no”.
  • Recognise when you procrastinate and ask yourself “What am I doing right now? Is it taking towards what I want to achieve or away from it?”

We have 24 hours in our day, on average we might be lucky enough to sleep for eight hours, then work or volunteer for eight hours so that means we have a whole lot of eight hours left in our day to do what we need to do!

“It is not the hours you put in it's what you put into the hours”.

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London, EC1V
Written by Shelley Edwards, Progress to Success
London, EC1V

Shelley Edwards - progress to success offers professional coaching. mentoring and training services for individuals and businesses. Vast experience in helping people to help themselves and unlock their full potential.

Confidence, self-esteem, weight loss, well-being, anxiety, stress, career, phobias. Corporate coach and trainer and yoga teacher.

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