Are you stress aware?

Stress was almost unheard of in the 1970’s and now look at the state of people! Everything seems to cause stress.

What is stress?

It’s an overload. It’s about being unable to cope. It means that mentally and emotionally you are under too much pressure.

The modern world moves fast, the demands of keeping up with everything can be hard to manage. This is in technological issues (and technology does play a major role in society now), in keeping up with work/employment demands, friends and social life as well as general day to day living. Looking after a home, both the house and garden, the family whether young or elderly relatives, shopping even for food never mind clothes, household needs and for special occasions, all takes time and energy and things around us go at such a pace now. It is a helter skelter and yet somehow one has to stay on board, hang on in there maintaining balance in all aspects of life including the personal.

It’s about knowing yourself and what you want from life and also what you are prepared to put up with. Sometimes simplicity is best! Recognising this if it feels right, and seeing how to move ahead is important.

How do you know of you are stressed?

Stress is part of the ‘flight and fight’ response and some stress is healthy for motivation in order to get things done. However the challenge comes when there is too much, no relief or let up and always somehow more to be accomplished, and usually with a time limit.

Humans were not made for such and yet in order to survive, one has to. Things can change dramatically in life. The loss of a loved one, moving home, new bosses at work with fresh agendas, divorce and redundancy are a few reasons.

If you are tired, overwhelmed, lack energy, have feelings of being out of control and physical ailments, then you are probably out of control with your life and stressed.

You need to see what is causing the stress and to see what impact it’s having and how much it is affecting you as well as how. Being aware is important!

What to do:-

  • Find ways of minimising what is affecting you.
  • Go for a swim to relax, get physically active and to feel freer.
  • Take time out in nature to link with the environment and get your head clear.
  • Go out with friends or have people round for a simple supper or a drink and a laugh.
  • Be around your pets and take the dog for a walk.

Stress comes in different levels and can impact at different times in different ways.

Want to feel free, happy and in control?

The answer will surely be yes. There are answers, techniques and programmes to help. Emotions can be controlled and life can be smoother and easier when you learn how.

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All coaches are verified professionals

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