Are you ready to step into your greatness?

What is greatness? Greatness is not defined by society, money or status. It doesn't compare itself to others and it gives no explanations. Greatness doesn't make excuses or fear failure. 


True greatness comes from within. From fully utilising our unique strengths and gifts, living authentically and fulfilling our own unique purpose and potential. Greatness is the ability to achieve what you choose to achieve and live life on your terms. 

This article explores how greatness can be achieved through a lens of positive psychology coaching.

Maybe your career is progressing well. You've achieved success and feel proud of your accomplishments. But there's a feeling that there's more. A nagging sense of unfulfilled potential or a need to live and lead more authentically, in alignment with your true self. 

Maybe you're looking towards leadership but you're worried it will have a negative impact on your emotional well-being? Or imposter syndrome and other limiting beliefs are getting in the way of your potential for greatness?

Maybe you're feeling lost and lacking fulfilment. Maybe you don't yet understand your true greatness and how to use it to achieve your goals and fulfil your true potential?

The potential for greatness is within us all and positive psychology coaching can help you achieve it.

Here's how.

The science of positive psychology is the scientific study of human flourishing. It's the study of human strengths and virtues that enable individuals and organisations to thrive. Essentially, it's about what's right with human beings and how we can use our best to make us even better. 

1. Character strengths

Most people believe we have to work on our weaknesses in order to achieve success. The truth is, it's far easier to work with our strengths to overcome challenges and achieve the outcomes we want. There are 24 character strengths which are divided into six categories: wisdom, courage, humanity, justice, temperance, and transcendence. 

Knowing and owning your individual character strengths can help you flourish personally and professionally and are part of your true, unique greatness.

2. The broaden and build theory of positive emotions

Creating opportunities to experience positive emotions such as joy, zest, personal pride and gratitude have been scientifically proven to promote improved emotional and physical well-being. 

Barbara Fredrickson's 2001 groundbreaking 'Broaden and Build' theory shows that positive emotions enable us to be more creative, open and curious. They broaden our thought processes and enable us to become more resourceful in how we can overcome challenges and achieve our goals. 

Positive psychology coaching can help you to explore how you can create opportunities to experience positive emotions and unlock new ways of achieving success, happiness and greatness.

3. Subjective well-being

Greatness is about balance and wellness. Positive psychology is about how people can do well, feel well and flourish. 

But subjective well-being is concerned with life satisfaction and happiness, which is different for everyone and is closely correlated to job satisfaction. (Bowling, Eschleman, and Wang, 2010) 

In order to have balance and feel a strong, positive sense of well-being, it's important our jobs meet our needs for autonomy, connection and competence. When these needs are met, we feel happier and more engaged and productive. 

This has a positive impact on the rest of our lives and how satisfied and fulfilled we feel.

4. Confidence, self-esteem and self-compassion

Experiencing moments of self-doubt, being hard on ourselves and feeling 'less than' are all a normal part of being human. Even the most confident individuals experience imposter syndrome and other limiting beliefs from time to time.

It's important we don't allow negative thoughts and beliefs about ourselves to get in the way of new experiences or stop us from living a successful, happy life.

Positive psychology coaching can help you overcome limiting beliefs and exchange them for positive inspiring ones that will enable you to move through fear and step into your true potential and greatness.

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