Are you mistaking being an introvert for lacking in confidence?

What story do you tell yourself? 

If it’s a story that doesn't support you, doesn't make you feel good about yourself, then you have to open your mind and heart to new beliefs and new thoughts. 

You can change your story any time you want to.

You have got  all kinds of stories within you.

You get to choose which story you tell yourself and which story you present to the world.  

When you know which story to tell yourself, everything changes; your self-esteem rockets and you get to feel super empowered.

Some of my clients are told by others that they lack confidence, many do. However many do not, they are introverts but are unaware of that being the case.

Check out my seven signs to see if you feel you lack in confidence, but are in fact an introvert:

1. You don’t allow others to pressure you into making a decision, you don’t respond immediately to a text, email or voicemail from a friend, colleague or family member not because you have zero confidence. You like to pause, to contemplate, to reflect before responding.   

2. You prefer one–on–one meetings, intimate dinners and events rather than big crowds, big parties and huge events. This is not because you are socially awkward or lacking in confidence, it’s because you are an energy empath and you are super selective with who you hang around with because you are protective of your energy. 

3. You don’t always stand up for yourself when being confronted and that’s not due to lack of confidence, that’s due to you needing to work through and process things in your head before you say your piece. You are cautious with your words and you therefore like to be clear and concise in your communication.

4. You enjoy spending time alone, not because you are isolating and withdrawing from the world, through fear and insecurity, but because you need time alone. You like to unwind, chillax and get reconnected with yourself.

5. You prefer to text and email rather than speak face to face or by phone, not because you lack confidence, but because it gives you space to get clarity around what you want to say.

6. People may mistake your kindness for weakness. Far from it, you are kind, thoughtful and caring, but you are far from being a pushover.  

7. You appear a mystery to some. Often you prefer to observe, watch and step back and some people may even think you are a snob or stand offish, or because you lack confidence. Quite the opposite it means you are smart as you keep your emotions, feelings and energy in check.

Have faith, stay positive, love and respect yourself, kick ass, speak up, show up, stay motivated, stay inspired. Amen.

In gratitude for reading.

If you feel inspired please share this on social media, you never know whose life you could change.


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