Are you a prisoner of your anxious thinking?

Anxious calamity and catastrophic-type thinking can absolutely tie you in knots. Your heart races, your breathing shallows and everything that is real in your life disappears in a cloud or a blaze of fear and anxiety about what might happen next.

Such patterns of thinking can limit your life and abilities hugely (career, business, relationships, happiness and much more). These patterns can also cause significant problems with your health, maybe not immediately, but over time the impact of these patterns will accumulate and in months or years can cause serious health problems. I’m not wanting to make you anxious, here.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) is a remarkable therapy which can speedily unknot the links that you have unintentionally created between your negative emotions and the memories/stories that support them.

What people find surprising is that with IEMT there is no need for months of weekly sessions to drag up painful personal history and examine it minutely, again and again under the therapy microscope.

In fact, you need to articulate very little of your history. Clients are amazed at how quickly they find that the emotions that have trapped and imprisoned them, that seemed to define them for so long, no longer have a hold over them or can even be accessed. Similarly, they find that the associated memories have changed and become objective pictures that they are no longer deeply attached to.

Once the negative emotions and stories and memories have been unknitted with IEMT, new ways of thinking and responding to life that are resourceful are more easily learned. New habits don’t appear overnight, but with various NLP techniques it is possible to cut short the time to establish new resourceful patterns.

IEMT, NLP and coaching enables clients to change and to free themselves to take charge in their lives speedily. Typically, most clients need no more than six sessions.

Occasionally a client needs to have a problem where even if the big ones go, they will find a new small one, which through the intensity of their focus will become their next big problem. However, should they want to live more positively, they too can be assisted - it will simply take longer.

IEMT, NLP and coaching work well for anxiety, stress, depression, relationship difficulties, situational anxiety, IBS, career difficulties, patterns of eating and spending, and many chronic health problems.

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Thanet, Kent, CT11
Written by Clara Gibson, Life, Health& Wellbeing Coach, Master Practitioner NLP, IEMT
Thanet, Kent, CT11

I have worked with individuals for many decades. As a nurse, health visitor, as a research scientist and in the last nine years as an independent therapist/coach, master practitioner of NLP and practitioner of IEMT. I work holisiticly, addressing the patterns of thinking, eating, spending, reacting. IEMT is my most recent additional qualification.

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