Applying Reiki principles to life

I cannot help thinking that, often, Buddhist, as well as many other religious principles, seem to be misinterpreted. I feel that life on this planet would be a bit better if we concentrated less on the glorification of a particular religion or practice and more on creating comfortable, joyous and healthy living environments for ourselves and those around us.


I’d like to share my take on the Reiki principles (I am a Reiki Master practitioner), as they have been reworked and worded by Mikao Usui sensei from major Buddhist precepts.

Just for today, I shall be grateful

Often, I find that many understand this phrase as being content with what they have, appreciating whatever circumstances and possessions they already have, not wishing for more. However, I feel there is nothing wrong with wanting more. 

You can be grateful and appreciative of everything you have as well as what you desire. It is great to have aspirations, dreams, ambitions, goals and we should be grateful for having them, so long as they lead us to better and more fulfilled lives.

Just for today, I shall do my work diligently

A very common belief is that life is about working hard, yet staying humble and avoiding wealth. It is paramount for people to work and do their work properly, to be proud of what they are doing so long as their work is ethical, follows moral and legal rules, benefits the world and makes it a better and more comfortable place to live in.

This includes applying your abilities and talents, developing skills and unleashing creativity. Thus, this might mean building a career, earning more, pursuing a wide range of interests or changing workplaces whenever you feel like it… All this is fine if and when you live true to yourself and help others (directly and indirectly).

Just for today, I shall be kind to every living creature

Sometimes this principle is simplified as ‘be kind to others’. I find it misleading, tricking our minds into thinking about people we meet in everyday life.

It is worth remembering that humans are not the only living creatures on our planet (here is an inevitable link between Buddhism, Reiki and veganism as well as avoiding speciesism). But ‘a living creature’ is also oneself – remembering to be kind to yourself is one of the most important things you have to practise on a daily basis.

Just for today, I shall be joyful and tranquil

I felt the need to reword this one slightly after having observed the law of attraction (or NLP) working miracles. By reinforcing a positive message through bright and warm words, you can attract the concepts they denote into your life.

I deeply believe that everyone is born to enjoy their life and to have the freedom to choose (ethics is crucial here, though). The state of tranquillity helps us to experience most of what life has to offer – with no mental distractions.

Just for today, I shall be peaceful and calm

Again, I have reworded this one to convey a more positive message. This principle is closely related to the third principle of being kind to every living creature. It is about being in harmony, being at ease, being supportive of the world (in some languages, like in Russian, the same word is used for the notions ‘peace’ and ‘world’). This principle creates the foundation for the other four to work smoothly.

This article was written aboard a boat, floating along the Irrawaddy River in Myanmar. I was looking at numerous richly-ornated golden and white stupas scattered along the banks of the river, overshadowing unsafe, feeble huts made of bamboo and straw. 

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