ADHD recovery through the power of self-awareness

After years of struggling to find focus and not understanding my awkwardness in social situations, I learned that I experience borderline ADHD. It was a bit of a shock as I did not expect my impatient agitated nature to be the case of a diagnosis. But on another note, I was relieved to find out that there was something I could work on to improve my focus, declutter my life and connect better with people.


My searches showed me that the main remedies for ADHD involve medication that affects your nervous system or some supplements without a serious impact. I was shocked to find that a self-awareness condition such as ADHD is treated with drugs that affect the way your nervous system works. It made me feel that as a society we underestimate dramatically our ability to transform with the power of self-awareness and we keep giving our power away.

My overwhelm was exhausting me and my patience was close to zero. I used to get easily frustrated and reactive and I used to interrupt people when they talk all the time. I was already a meditator and an energy explorer so, under no circumstances, I would disturb the connection with my nervous system with medication, on the contrary.

I recovered from ADHD by myself without any medication. Using certain practices of breathing and directing energy helped me increase the ability to observe and feel myself at deeper levels. I started to pay more close attention to my behaviours, recognise my emotional needs, notice my interactions with people and maintain more often contact with my body.

Now I can wait and listen to people speak. I connect with them and I find it fascinating actually. I can enjoy the present moment and most of the time, I do not get distracted by the past or by the future. I enjoy my tasks during the day and somehow they all happen at the right time and in the right way. I feel grateful many times without any reason.
In this self-discovery and rehabilitation journey, I have discovered some patterns that have sabotaged my life for many years. I have discovered unexpressed needs and allowed my inner being to be heard and responded to. Here are some of the shifts that helped me in my recovery journey:

1. Serve yourself first

I used to be occupied with everyone else’s needs or opinions except my own. This made me super busy, overwhelmed and continuously tired and unsatisfied. When I learned to take care of myself first, I realised that I still help others while I keep my energy levels up and enjoy the interaction with them without any obligation.

2. Do one thing at a time

I know this sounds absurd with the current life rhythm. But the truth is you can only do one thing at a time. There is only one thing happening at a certain given moment. The rest is all in your mind. Learning to work with tasking in the present moment has become one of my doorways to flow.

3. Learn to receive

We run on an automated program to make things happen, to be the best for others, to make the most of our time, make it in our careers. Many more times than you expect, when you slow down, observe and welcome what people and life are bringing to you, you will realise that more than half of your effort is not actually needed.

4. Do what you enjoy and what recharges you

Let go of the desire to be the best at everything or do things that impress others. These are self-sabotaging behaviours that are keeping us trapped in a false competition game.

5. Cultivate mindfulness 24/7

Stay connected to your body. Learn to hear the silence even in the most agitated moments. When I was able to fully trust my essence, I gained the knowledge that fundamentally my nervous system is at peace, aware and in tune with the surroundings. This helps me come back to myself every time I may have been distracted.

This journey has offered me many realisations. On one side, I recovered from ADHD and I know now how to tune back into a harmonious life and connect beautifully with my surroundings and friends. And on another side, I strengthen the connection to my power.

I gained the ability to surrender into the process of self-discovery and again end up reconnecting with my true essence, inner wisdom and healing. Knowing that awareness can balance my physical body, my nervous system and ultimately change my life is an empowering gift. And the ability to cultivate this self-awareness and to let myself be guided by it has become a more intelligent and resourceful way forward for me.

I could have not done these shifts without complementing coaching sessions with specific practices of breathing and meditation. I know that involving the body and breath in the coaching process opens up areas of awareness we cannot imagine and offer transformation opportunities with less effort. And this has been one of the many moments when I have reconfirmed for myself that intuitively involving all our bodies (physical, mental, emotional, energetic) in a transformation process is what brings out the true potential of healing and creating beautiful lives.

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London, SW6
Written by Cristina Berar, Transformational Coach - Personal Growth | Holistic change
London, SW6

Cristina Berar is a transformational coach and life long seeker. She healed herself from several conditions and enjoys to explore further the creative potential of our human psychic. In her work she blends elements of psychology, meditation, breathwork and energy that help deepening one's ability for faster and longer lasting transformation.

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