A Wake-up call

Receiving negative feedback from others is usually an uncomfortable experience, and even realising that someone has misunderstood our communication or intention can be unsettling and frustrating.

We are often bound up in our own perception and point of view. However much we try to put ourselves in others shoes, or see things from their perspective – we are usually blinded by our own.

If someone lets us know that they are unhappy with something we have said or done, it can lead to blame and dislike of that person; rationalisation of our actions, complete loss of confidence or appeals to others to reassure us that we are ok. There may be a whole range of reasons why the person was unhappy with us, but if their comments trigger a strong emotional reaction, that is a good indication that we should take time to reflect on what they have said.

If you are getting the same message from more than one source, then that is a wake-up call which it would be wise to respond to. Those who give us honest feedback can be our greatest allies. We are often fearful of hearing what others really think about us, even if it’s positive, because of low self- esteem, embarrassment or a belief that we can control the way others see us.

If you often get into the same kinds of difficulties in your interactions with others, avoid seeking or taking on board their feedback, then working with a life coach can really help. The safe and confidential environment of the coaching session and the non-judgemental, equal partnership which the coach will offer, is the ideal situation to explore a side of yourself which you may have been unaware of or uncomfortable with.

Facing your deepest fears and working out what is the biggest driver of your actions can help create a balanced sense of self. A coach can help you to recognise that feedback is fodder for your personal development. By being present with you in the session, they can hold up a mirror for you to better see yourself, and help you to put into practice the changes that will make a difference.

Waking up to your wholeness enables you to nurture your best self and stops you sleepwalking into difficulties whose cause you cannot see. 

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