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Walking to school can be fun! As a child I walked two miles to school each day and two miles back again. My younger sister and I went together. We played games along the way to make the walk faster. Somehow I don’t recall rain, only snow when the tall fir trees down our road bent over with weight.

It is important for people to walk for health and young bodies build stamina in this way. In this busy modern world it may feel easier to use the car and yet it is...helping the planet, keeping up use of muscles, fresh air, giving opportunities for observing life and nature and keeping down traffic flows.

Shared school walking trips can help parents if different people can take responsibility in turns.

Some of the reasons that may come up for not walking could be:-

  • Parents have to get themselves to work.
  • Parents don’t want to walk.
  • Parents may be afraid of the area they go through.
  • The children may be slow or reluctant.
  • Time issues could be raised.

Surely there are always movable factors! It’s a matter of working within what is possible, sharing and collaborating.

If your children don't currently walk to school, see how you can make it possible, even if not every day at first.

My own grandchildren in America have always walked to school and it works, they have the habit of it and my daughter and her husband had to find a way that would not impede their work and yet was good for the children.

Schools are always ready to accommodate and support arrangements that are beneficial to the whole child.

Walking to school does have massive benefits and now when there is more realisation than ever, that apart from the environmental concerns, health begins in the early years and there is no making up for poor physical habits created when young.

It is good mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally for everyone!

October is international walk to school month so why don't you look to make a start and walk your children to school?

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