A smile thats worth a fortune...

Someone recently asked me why did I become a coach? There are a few reasons that I could give to this question, all of them equally valid. However if I was to pick one that stands out is that smile you can get from a client where a change has taken place for them, as they have discovered or been able to do something that has not been possible for a long time. The smile precedes the words but is so good to see and cannot be faked.

The unconscious mind runs our body and once you have worked on the issues at this level, it communicates this in a very special way, through body language; faster than words can be processed and spoken. It shows me as a coach that the right things are happening for them and new discoveries are being made.

So next time you discover something new or have been able to do something for the first time that has eluded you before take a few minutes to embrace the feeling you are getting. When your mind and body are in sync it boosts your moral, energy and confidence. Capture that feeling as this is worth a fortune....

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