A new you

Are you ready for change?

Rituals can mark new beginnings or can mark the end of a chapter of our lives. 

These new rituals can set us up for a new future, mark a profound time for change and cement our dreams of a life we want to live. 

However the energy and determination to create and maintain this change is a challenge for all of us, so how can we maintain our dreams and create change?

The first step is to realise and accept you are unhappy with the current situation.

The second step is the desire to see the current situation can change.

Then understand what the first steps are to make the change.

We need to acknowledge that it's our motivation and energy that will make it happen - it's easier to stand still than to make it happen.

So make it happen in 3 easy steps:

  • Dream it
  • Plan it
  • Live it

Realise that New Year's Day is just another day.
We indulge in the dream of change at the verge of this New Year, how powerful would it be just to see it as any other day. The day for your new beginning.

Highlight the area for change

Write down what actions you are going to change (focus on one at a time)
Don’t overwhelm yourself. Choose one action/behaviour at a time

Gain support
Choose two or three people that can help you when your motivation waivers. They will be able to support you and remind you of why you started this journey.

Track your progress and celebrate every success however small
Record in a diary or spreadsheet and review weekly. Take care to review your progress from the start rather than just the last week’s results. It is important to see the whole picture and see how far you have come rather than how far you have got to go. 

Build on your successes and raise the bar on a regular basis
It is more about the journey than the destination so enjoy the results create dreams into your reality.

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