A few key sayings for each day

Do you recognise patterns in your life, your routines which keep you on one track and stop you moving towards where you want to be? It is how we tend to operate until we can own and empower our lives.

We may need a new perspective and reminders of how we can keep grounded, in balance and in a state of joy. Being honest with ourselves, we can see, feel and know and can release all the unhelpful things and flow into what will make each day better for you.

Everyday reminders to keeping balance so you can live a good and happy life:

  • Keep your vibrations high. It’s your natural birthright and how you were set from your entry into this world.
  • Find ways to be at peace and calm using meditation, relaxation techniques, mindfulness and exercise such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and other energy practices of movement.
    Feel comfortable in the body and mind by any means that feel good such as expressing your thoughts, feeling the right feelings, wearing the clothes that express you, your role and purpose for the day.
  • Find your inspiration, your ‘why’ for the day and reason for being and sensing your passions.
  • Create joy even if you have a busy day.
  • Celebrate something about yourself today whether your strength, intuition, confidence, achievements or being grateful for who you are.
  • Follow your energy and listen to your feelings, be aware of your emotional intelligence and think about your choices and decisions
  • Be your own master and focus on what you know is right.
  • If you recognise you have unhelpful patterns, decide to make a difference to yourself by changing these.
  • Have good emotions to have a helpful day, in touch with your positive thoughts.
  • Focus on all the things that are right about you, your life and your associates whether at work, family or friends. You can create a better reality in this way and keep high vibrations which will naturally carry you through to a better life.
  • Retune and enjoy each day in this way.
  • Find more harmony.
  • Practice, don’t beat yourself up, and be determined to succeed in this. In no time you will notice the difference.

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