A dose of gratitude a day keeps negativity at bay

As humans, we are a wonderful, truly creative yet idiosyncratic race with the ability to think, plan, analyse, use tools, develop and harness technology, philosophise, build cities, and even take trips to space. One of our greatest tools is our emotions, which add invaluable levels of richness to our experiences.

On the flip side, our thoughts and range of emotions can get us into trouble at times; being human means that many of us struggle to look on the bright side of life. In fact our basic fear based 'fight or flight' instincts that have kept us alive and helped us evolve into who we are today are not always helpful, in that many of us can struggle to feel positive at the best of times, and a negative mind set to strip us of our 'joy de vivre'.

That's where gratitude comes in...gratitude is melancholy's saviour.  

  • Making a concerted effort to recognise all the things that you are grateful for in your life can almost immediately begin to lift a gloomy outlook.
  • Practising gratitude daily is a healthy habit to develop; which can have an expansive, ripple effect in all areas of life.
  • There is always something to be grateful for, no matter what situation you may find yourself in.
  • Being human, allow yourself to moan about a displeasing situation, whatever your style! Swear, stamp, frown, huff, puff, mutter; but then always, look to what you are grateful for. Always! 
  • When it's raining, be grateful that the earth is being nurtured, and the beautiful green foliage is able to flourish and the trees are able to oxygenate the air we breathe.
  • When stuck in traffic, be grateful that you have a car to drive, be grateful to all of the people that made your car, be grateful for the engineers, to the designers, to the people who drilled the oil to help fuel your car, be grateful to the people who built the roads, be grateful for the invention of the wheel even!

Make daily gratitude a part of your life

1) Morning glory

Work gratitude into your morning routine; make a conscious effort to be grateful for everything in your morning, whether you are at home, working or whatever your morning offers. Be thankful for your morning coffee, for your breakfast, the free newspaper on the way to work, the person who opens a door for you, the girl who smiles at you, your television, all the people that collaborated together to make your favourite live morning TV show happen.

Let's focus on your favourite TV show now. Be grateful to the host, the host's driver that got him/her to the studio on time, the camera crew, the researchers, the special guests, the sound technicians, the set designers, the make up artists, the script writers, all the people who got up at 2am to ensure your morning TV show got aired at the right time. The list could go on and on. Let's not forget the pioneers who invented the television in the first place!

2) Gratitude reflections of the day 

Each night before sleeping, focus on all the things that you are grateful for that happened during the day, no matter how small. 

3) Gratitude journal 

If you enjoy writing, keep a gratitude journal next to your bed, or if you already keep a diary or journal, add in those things that you are grateful for that you experienced during the day.

4) Check in

Make a mental note of how you feel after practising daily gratitude after seven days then check in with yourself regularly. Note down any small or significant internal shifts either on a designated notepad or in your Gratitude Journal/diary.

P.S I am grateful to YOU for reading my post, I am grateful if this article helps just one person, I am grateful for the Life Coach Directory, facilitating me being able to write on topics that I am passionate about, I am grateful to my iPad, which I am typing on now. I am also grateful to the internet, and the great minds who helped invent and develop this technology. I am grateful for the wonderful resources and opportunities the World Wide Web provides for me, you, and others around the world.

May you have lots to be grateful for in 2015

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