A Belief-Smashing Tool

By whatever means you uncover a negative belief - a sudden insight, a probing introspection, the critiques of others, a logical investigation or in the sudden vulnerability of personal failings - it is helpful to actually write it down;

E.g. I've always failed so I will now.

Then, just run these questions over it. Answer them honestly and instinctively;

A) Now that I look at it on paper do I feel attracted to that belief? Does it resonate with me?

B) Is the belief really MINE? Or has it come from other influences - parents, family, friends, culture etc.?

C) Does that belief look like a good one to carry around? Will it empower me?

D) Does it clash with my other intentions?

E) Is that belief going make me joyful and happy?

F) What would my life be without that belief?

G) What would be the opposite of that belief, or a positive alternative - and one that DOES resonate with me? Write it down and CHOOSE to believe it.

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